Stop Jammin’ Me – Spam #1

Life’s Little Ironies had deliberated over whether one should pay the extra and add Sitelock to the website ( Some forum posters said absolutely others said it was just a waste and that there was very little a spammer could do to the website beyond posting annoying messages.

Last week two interesting things happened. Firstly, SiteLock reported that my blogsite had been compromised and I needed to fix it otherwise I would lose my certification. I thought that was kind of a strange email. A bit like buying car insurance only for you to be hit by another car and be told to ‘fix your car or your policy will lapse’. However, scanning the postings it became apparent that the vagueness of some the user posts could relate to any topic. I copied one comment into the browser and hey presto it had been used a ‘thousand times’ before on other blog sites. The comment was

“Useful blog website, keep me personally through searching”. A little more searching and I found the offending IP address of the culprit called Sogreev Anton of Serbia. Finally further searching of the IP address uncovered that it was on a blacklist on a website called along with a lot of other annoying spammers. In future I will check the ipaddress of the poster before approving the comment. Once i had removed the postings SiteLock gave me a clean bill of health and recinded its threat. Phew!

Oh, the second thing? I think it was related to this type of spamming. I found that an ipaddress had got past my security on my associated wiki site , created a user name, loaded an image and posted an article. A different ip address. I am guessing some kind of malware copied an article from another wiki and posted it in mine.

As always Mr Petty says it all. Stop Jammin’ me and don’t come around here no more!

Have you got anything without spam?

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  • paulreed

    The spam got worse on the wiki site. Looks like spam bot account creation and upload of nonsense articles and jpeg. Had to delete them all. Then added reCaptcha to force entry of a validation code. It will also force validation if users they add websites to articles or try brute force password cracking

  • paulreed

    ReCaptcha really is not working. Bots are figuring out the validation code. I can always edit the login scripts to prevent auto account creation without email validation. On this site, it is now protected against spam comments by Askismet. Askimet automatically validates comments against a continually updated list of spamming sites

  • paulreed

    A month later no spam on Blog or Wiki…..