Sinking into an abyss of a new Dark Age – A Darker Irony Part Two

Those doltish gun control advocates are crawling out of the woodwork! So some madman cuts down some unknown journo’s (well, I don’t know them) in rural Virginia and all of a sudden it’s “Bye-bye Bereta”,  “Au-Revoir Remmington” and “So Long! Smith and Wesson”.  But if Vester Lee Flanagan couldn’t get buy a gun so easily would these folks be alive today? OK, so they would be alive, but the important thing is we need protection from the bad guys. If the reporter had a gun do you think she would alive, today? OK, OK, she would still be dead ‘cause she weren’t lookin’. But that’s not the point. We gotta protect the 2nd Amendment . Why? Because..because it’s there!

So after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Infinitem, ad-nauseum, Vester Lee Flanagan AKA Bryce Williams has somewhat upped the ante in terms of Social Media mass murder. The Columbine kids, as befits the pre-Facebook era, could only manage scrawled notebooks chocked full of evil intent. Ok, I guess, but unlikely to be read by anybody apart from an officious Mother  clearing out empty pizza boxes from under one’s bed.

Our more tech savvy mass murderer now has new social-media weapons at his/her disposal. You can now submit your rambling manifesto on Facebook for all to see seeking to explain your depraved actions. Cunningly, you start will some innocuous diatribe of perceived slights that no one has any interest in reading and gradually you up the rhetoric, hinting at some dark deed. Next stop Walmart to pick out your preferred weapon of mass murder. Then it’s “Show time on Prime time!” Of course, it’s not easy vying for airtime even in the world of rolling 24 hours news programs. What with bombings in Bangkok, killings in Kenya, massacres in Mosul, slayings in Sousse and ISIS beheadings in…..well just about anywhere, you got to make sure you get your message out quickly and with a bang, as it were. How about a 140 character tweet on how you are going to shoot up  the local movie theater? Share an Instagram piccie of yourself in full military fatigues, weighed down by assault rifles (sans price sticker if you please). That is bound to elicit momentary interest. But is that enough to guarantee time on the morning news? I guess Vester (or Bryce) struggled with that dilemma until he hit upon the idea of executing people live on the morning news show. A more captive audience there never was! And if there was no doubt that every gory detail would played out live, (Note: He waited for the cameraman to pan around back to focus on the intended victim) he filmed the massacre from his own point of view camera. I guess if a massacre is worth doing, its worth doing with as most evil, degenerate wickedness as you can muster.

The denouement to these scenes is always the same. Flee the scene, make sure you upload your final edits to Facebook and it’s death by your own hand or cop on some mundane highway on the road to oblivion. That and the hollow sound of hand wringing audible across the country because it would never do to discuss gun control. And it’s on the next news story.


Which got me thinking, the USA is the country of Exceptionalism, or so our politicians tell us. Land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade? Easy-peasy. Fly a spaceship 4.67 million miles and take a snap of a icy rock on the fringes of the Solar System? Then just say “Cheese!” and  t’will be done. Build a telescope so powerful that it can see back to almost the creation of time? Some boffin will scoff and with an insouciant  wave of the hand and tell you to come back with something less easy to work on. Fight wars half way across  the world and spend trillions of dollars then just vote “Aye”. Bring it on” Then you say, “Could you perhaps ensure that owning a gun was a smidgen less dangerous? You know, make owning a gun subject to reasonable background checks? Or enhanced safety features on guns so they can be tracked or made unusable if stolen? Or, here’s a easy one. Make sure you don’t sell a gun so powerful that it can wipe away the Fourth Grade before double Math. The reaction is always the same. Slack jaws drop to floor, sucking and blowing of cheeks are heard, chins are scratched, fingers tapped, eyes rolled and forehead creases. “Gee, you got me there. Boy!, that’s a toughen. A real humdinger of a doozy” “Nope, I don’t think its possible. You see, it’s not the gun that kills what about the bad guys?  er…it’s mental health issue, isn’t it? I got it! You gotta protect the 2nd Amendment. Now pass me that Poincare Conjecture. I have to prove it before Jeopardy starts”

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