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The Warwick MBA Business Transformation course analyzed the impact of new communications and information technologies that fired the 'New Economy'. The module was designed to make sense of the emerging context to enable the development and implementation of strategies for thriving in the emergent networked world including:

  • •The impact of IT on the transformational context
  • •The transformational and evolutionary process
  • •Emergence and the evolution of business models in the internet-enabled world
  • •Competition in the information space
  • •The development and leveraging of organisational information networks and infrastructures.

The key to this module was the Knowledge management, organisational learning and intelligence focus especially as it relates to he strategies required to generated and convey tacit and explicit knowledge in an organizational context. I took this interest further think in terms of inter and intra-collaboration between organizational groups using social and other media such a audio, visual and the more subtle tacit collaborative technques associated with emersion and association with like-minded groups.

Model Developed Depicting the Cycle of Knowledge

My interested developed in to my final year project/dissertation on how knowledge management techniques could be leveraged within a company to develop competitive advantages. The conclusion to the disseration is not prescriptive but stresses the importance of using different strategies depending on the organizational context that they are being deployed in.

You can read some additional concepts and explanations that underpinned much of the analysis in the project below.

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