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Life’s Little Ironies Goes to Washington – Part One

This was an exciting week! I was taken on a tour of the Houses of Congress arranged by those who can make these things happen, no less. I have always been interested in Neo-Classical Colonial architecture and this was an opportunity to view the best examples up-front so to speak. As we were being escorted around by our congressional aides my eye caught a wonderful example of Empire style architrave and I peeled off the group to get a better look where upon I came across this large imposing double white-painted door atop with a spectactular pediment. In contrast to the Neo-Classical dominated architecture this was pure High Renaissance, almost Mannerist Continue reading

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Stop Jammin’ Me – Spam #1

Life’s Little Ironies had deliberated over whether one should pay the extra and add Sitelock to the website ( Some forum posters said absolutely others said it was just a waste and that there was very little a spammer could do to … Continue reading

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US Military Expenditure

This website from Global issues website has soem interesting analysis of US military vis-a-vis other countries and compared with the other US Government expenditure. Most of the comparison is since 2001 when Military expenditure as % GDP had reached an historic low of about 3% so it gives an impression of massive growth since then. It has now (2008) reached about 4% of GDP, which is lower than during the Vietnam war (9%) and WW2 (40%-45%). Nonetheless the most interesting stat is that the US accounts for 45% of the entires world’s military expenditure; 8 times higher than its nearest rival China Continue reading

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